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In geological terms, eastern Corsica consists of various types of folded slate. Slate consists of tectonically deformed sediment rocks that can be split along parallel layers, which can be clearly seen on the often very impressive rock formations along the coast.

Costa Serena and Costa Verde

With the Costa Serena and Costa Verde, eastern Corsica also offers wonderful beaches and coves that are lined with pine groves. Particularly beautiful are the beaches at Arinella and Vignale, which are bordered by the pine forest around Pinea and extend 10 km in length. Moving inland you can find idyllic rivers and pathways for cycling, hiking or walking. In addition, the Casabianda Nature Reserve and the 100-metre-high San Gavino Waterfall are also worth visiting in this region.


Castagniccia in eastern Corsica is named after the extensive groves of chestnut trees that cover this region (castagna means chestnut). A typical feature of this region are the stone-roofed houses, which all have their own "Rataghju" – a drying room for the collected sweet chestnuts. Here mountaineers will also be in their element: Ghisonaccia provides the starting point for a long-distance hiking trail that leads to the west coast and at Chisa there is an easy to moderately difficult "via ferrata" rock climbing route.