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Central Corsica’s landscape and climate have a mixture of almost everything: karstified high plateaus and alpine mountains with idyllic lakes, mountain streams and pine forests can be found along with green meadows and rivers. There is something for everyone – riding, canyoning, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, paragliding, cross-country skiing, hiking, hunting and fishing.

Corte: Citadel and the University of Corsica

The small town of Corte lies north of the mountains. The town formed the heart of the Corsican independence movement and, from 1755 to 1769, was the capital of the Corsican independent state under Pasquale Paoli. That is why for many Corsicans the town still symbolises their cultural independence and many secretly consider it to be the true capital of the island. Corte is also home to the University of Corsica. The town’s most famous landmark is the citadel, whose oldest part perches majestically atop a rocky outcrop and looks down on the surrounding countryside and mountains. Beneath the citadel, tightly packed houses line the narrow streets and alleyways that criss-cross the Old Town, which offers a charming atmosphere. Corte is also a popular starting point for excursions and hiking expeditions into the surrounding mountain valleys.